In a world with what seems like infinite possibilities, one would think that finding the perfect shoe would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case for people with an above average shoe size or wider than average width. Looking for cool large shoes can be a real chore, but it does not have to be.

On top of struggling to even find large shoes or extra wide shoes, people need to also find shoes that fit not only their feet, but also the occasion. A one size fits most approach might work for Halloween, but when it comes to the footwear worn for work, sports, or a wedding, people usually have particular shoes for specific activities.

Different circumstances call for different shoes

Although some memes make it seem as though one type of shoe can be worn for many different reasons, the vast majority of people have varying types and styles of shoes with intentionally unique purposes. This social norm makes finding larger shoes that fit all the more important.

Having large or extra wide feet makes finding extra wide boots for work, extra large sneakers for the gym, and large sandals for the beach incredibly important. Add in the usual need for large socks or extra large insoles and the fun of shoe shopping is quickly drained to nothing.

Dad new balance shoes from going out in public to mowing the lawn Dad new balance shoes from going out in public to mowing the lawn

Trouble finding a one-stop shoe shop

Nowadays, when people enter a shoe store or shop online for shoes, they are not expecting to visit several spots or sites in order to find the different types of shoes they want. Unlike the average footed, people with extra large feet have even more trouble finding a single store or site that has everything they want.

This is mainly due to two factors. First, the shoe industry does not make it a priority to supply shoes above the average sizes even though human feet have changed significantly since the 1970s. Second, retailers simply do not want to risk using potential inventory on shoes that might not sell. This logic may seem reasonable, but it is not inclusive to a decent portion of the public.

How XL Feet has changed the narrative

Man getting extra wide and large foot measured for right size fit Man getting extra wide and large foot measured for right size fit

XL Feet believes that not only is finding a shoe that fits important for style purposes, it is also incredibly important for a person’s health. The pain one can feel by not having shoes that fit their wide feet adds up over time. Ask any podiatrist, forcing feet into too-small shoes can do the body harm.


When it comes to providing a huge selection of shoes, boots, sneakers, and sandals, all in extra large or extra wide sizes, no one does it better than XL Feet. Because of the varying types and style options available, all bases can be covered in one easy online shopping experience. This leaves no excuse not to buy the multiple pairs, extra large socks, or insoles needed at the same convenient time.

Making it work in this world is difficult enough as it is, so finding a straightforward shoe solution for large feet is imperative. XL Feet not only wants to help make that process easier, it wants to make the process fun again. With an unrivaled selection in uncommon shoe sizes, XL Feet has the shoes that fit for every occasion.