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 Without question the best the place for wide width and large size mens boots is XLfeet.  We specialize in boots, socks, shoes, sandals and slippers. Founded by Adrian Coulter, a guy who wears big men's size 16 in EE Wide, XLfeet was born out of necessity. Men like Adrian have really struggled  since about the age of 13 to find sizes 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21 in boot and shoe stores.  If you happen to be a man who has big feet that require large size boots and shoes, XLfeet is as important to your feet as oxygen is to your body.  Our offering consists of the biggest selection of wide mens socks, boots, and shoes to EEEEEE.  You could have moderately wide EE wide feet, an Extra Wide EEE foot, big feet needing 4E wide, 5E wide, or as most of our customers discover, you likely have super wide EEEEEE - 6E wide or even wider feet.  Most of our customers find they need at least 6E wide and if they tell you anything different, either they don't know what's up or they are not telling the truth.  We have all of the above in shoes, boots, slippers, socks and sandals; let's not forget about wide insoles too.  For the Narrow guys who struggle with the opposite challenge, we have a long history of taking care of your narrow mens shoes and boots too.  We have narrow widths to B, A, and AA narrow.  Whether you need 6E wide slip resistant shoes for work, 4E or 6E wide composite or steel toe work boots for men up to size 18, or you need some of our EEEEEE wide work boots which are only made to up to size 17 we'll take care of you.  We offer some of the most comfortable wide width work boots for big feet men.  It's also extremely important to remember we offer the widest fitting and most comfortable socks for wide feet PERIOD!  Myth has it, many Bigfoots have been caught by using our extra wide socks to EEEEEE - 6E as bait.  Shhhhhh, this is our Giant secret.