Composite Toe Boots

Large Size Composite Toe Boots for Men

Big men's composite toe boots size 7-13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 are quite a treat for the man with big feet. We carry them in wide to EEEEEE-6E for those who need wide widths too. For many of the men who need composite toe safety shoes, they prefer composite toe for a variety of reasons. They are lightweight, and they do not conduct the cold like steel toes shoes on those frigid winter days. Another perk to comp toe boots is how they perform when the impact rating is exceeded. With steel, they can bend and cut off your toes. With composite, it's more like a carbon fiber material so that it will shatter instead. in either case, you will have a sore foot, but at least with a comp toe, you have a better chance of saving your little piggies. Most who have searched for 6E wide composite toe have come up short, but now they can get them from XLfeet.

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