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Men's Big Size Dress Shoes sizes up to size 17, 18, 19 and 20 Men's Big Comfortable extra wide width dress shoes with designer comfort. Big comfortable designer dress shoes in sizes 7-13, 14, and even 15 can be found occasionally if a guy or possibly the guy's wife searches long and hard enough. The real difficulty surfaces when with size 16 dress shoes for men. Whether it's a 4E, or even EEEEEE - 6E wide mens dress shoe for big feet, XLfeet keeps an abundance of them on hand in big sizes. In most cases when prom and graduation are in season, our big mens shoe store is one of the only places on the planet with a decent stock of size 17 Dress Shoes for Men, and Dress Shoes in size 18. Our customers are grateful to say the least about how wide our selection of size 17 and size 18 in men's dress shoes. Our selection spans reputable brands like Dunham, Florsheim, and Donald J Piiner. Few people are even aware that dress shoes are made in size 19 and 20, but let alone that there is a shoe store for men like XLfeet that actually stocks them. You no longer have to be the Bigfoot that wears sneakers due to lack of finding big men's dress shoes. Now you can shop with confidence for them at XLfeet and have large size dress shoes that not only fit well, they look good too.

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