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I wear size 16 EEE, and I founded XLfeet as a result of my experience of suffering to find big shoes from the young age of 13. Every year from age seven until 16, my shoe size matched my age. There was even a period where I outgrew my shoes three times in about two months. This was followed by the threat of going barefoot to school from my then very frustrated mother.  I later discovered I was one of a large segment of Humanity with the same experience

I know first hand how it feels to wear ugly shoes simply because they were the only ones in my size. I know what it's like to shovel snow wearing sneakers since I could not find big mens boots that fit. Who better to identify with a market of men, and families of men, who feel helpless when searching for big and wide shoes?

I have met with literally hundreds of manufacturers in search of footwear with both the highest quality and largest maximum size.  In terms of finding footwear for men with Bigfoot DNA, we have it down to a science.  While many of our brands offer a multitude of styles with all sorts of cool features and innovative technologies, our first priority is large sizes and wide widths. There happens to be a surprisingly wide variety of cutting edge boots with exciting new features and a reliable track record that actually fit.

If you have large or wide feet, chances are you have already invested years of your life sifting through thousands of cool boots and shoes on numerous websites and at shoe stores, only to learn the popular styles displayed are not offered in Big and Tall sizes or Wide Widths. At XLfeet we offer the most cutting edge shoes in the size and width you are looking for. We do our best to carry as many of the oddball sizes which span 7-13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, and extra wide to EEEEEE - 6E as we can.

wall with shoes in storeI started this company in the back room of my house in 2009. It was a dream that I built on the side as I continued to work my full time job seling wireless phones in a retail store. Based on my experience of automated phone mazes, lack of autonomy to take care of my customers, myself and the great people who work with me, strive to offer outstanding customer service.

3yrs after it all began XLfeet moved into a storefront.  In just over a year, XLfeet had already outgrown it's first store. Our first shoe store in the Twin Cities was a modest 500 square foot space. In July of 2013 we moved into a 4,700 square foot space on the river in Downtown St Paul. Today we are running out of space once again, and have begun looking for a bigger location.

None of this would have been possible had it not been for the big and tall community, people with wide feet, their families, and their employers. While they are few and far between, there are other Stores in the Midwest which may happen to have a pair or two of Plus Size Shoes or Boots for men. What they lack is the expertise of which brands manufacture Big and Wide footwear, and how those Large Mens Sizes and Widths to EEEEEE - 6E Wide actually fit. Other Shoe Stores in the Minneapolis and St Paul Area duplicate the practice of displaying dozens of Boots and Shoes on their walls that ultimately are not made in Large Sizes or Wide Widths. A guy with size 14+ or wide feet who walks into XLfeet does not need to do so with his blinders on. Only at XLfeet can a person buy Big Shoes and Boots with confidence. XLfeet will not carry a Brand of Footwear unless it is made to at least a size 15 Wide. Much of our selection is made to size 18 EEEE - 4E, and even up to size 21. We have fitted Professional Athletes and Actors with some of the Largest Feet in the world with Plus Size Mens Boots.

Now Bigfoots in the Minneapolis and St Paul areas have the ability to try on everything from Boots and Shoes, to Slippers and Sandals in person. For some Men with Big and Wide Feet, they have never had the experience of trying on shoes in person in their adult life. Our Boots and Shoes Store in Minnesota is the only location for more than 1,000 miles where people can shop for Plus Size Mens Boots, Shoes, Socks, Cleats and Slippers like people with normal sized feet can.

Only at XLfeet, is Fitting Extra Large Feet no Extra Large Feat®; so order online, or come visit us in person.

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