Composite Toe Work Shoes

Large Size Composite Toe Shoes for Men

Big mens composite toe shoes size 7-13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 are a great alternative to steel toe. Most would agree the low profile of a shoe is preferred, and offers more mobillity and comfort. They are light weight, and can double as a great shoe for going out. The composite material used in the toe is more like a carbon fiber material that shatters instead of bending when the imppact rating is exceeded. No reason to worry though, because both steel and composite toe shoes have the same impact rating. 

Because XLfeet also understands how difficult it is to find wide composite toe shoes, we make sure to offer them up to EEEE - 4E wide. If you are a Bigfoot, why not get your comp toe shoes from a place that was founded by a Bigfoot in an effort to cater to Bigfoots?

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