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  1. H Width Work Boots

    With so many sizes to choose from, trying to find the right shoes that fit can be a nightmare. However, it is important that you do it because it is crucial for the health of your feet, improves hygiene, and keeps your

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  2. A Beginner's Journal to Find the Right Running Shoes for Big Feet

    We know runners (or non-runners) come in different shapes and sizes and so will their feet. Sometimes finding the right fitting shoes for those

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  3. Why Big Mens Large Size Boots Squeak and How to Stop It

    Why Big Mens Large Size Boots Squeak and How to Stop It

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  4. Why Large Feet Require a Shoe for Every Occasion

    In a world with what seems like infinite possibilities, one would think that finding the perfect shoe would be a no-brainer. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case for people with

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  5. How to Choose Between High Top Shoes and Low Top Shoes

    Most people have had the experience of walking into a shoe store and being almost instantly overwhelmed by the number of choices in

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  6. Five Reasons To Get Yourself A Pair Of Men’s Extra Wide Slippers

    You might be one of those people just is just inseparable from your favorite pair of slippers, but you might also be someone that needs a little bit of old fashioned convincing. It might seem obvious why you need to wear a pair of workboots or hiking boots when you’re outside or on the trail, just as it makes sense to wear the right athletic shoes when playing sports or at the gym. And while the title of this piece suggests this will be five reasons to get yourself a pair of men’s extra wide slippers, it’s really just about getting yourself a nice pair of slippers in general. It’s just that since you’re at XL Feet, it’s probably tough for you to find slippers in your size, but we can help with that.

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we can help you find a nice comfortable pair of men’s extra wide slippers in your size so you can actually be comfortable around the house. Yet the reasons contained herein are equally applicable in defense of slippers everywhere even if you don’t have extra large feet. Regardless, just as we make it easy for you to find boots, shoes and even socks in the right size, we can set you up with a pair of slippers that will fit you just right. That being said, here are five reasons you might want to get yourself a nice pair of them.

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  7. Big Feet Need Fresh Air Too!

    Having rather large feet is neither a gift, nor a curse. If you have a larger than “average” shoe size, it may feel as if your foot size is a curse. Not true.

    Did you now that large feet can aid you during swimming? The larger the foot, the more motion you get in the pool. Some of the top Olympic swimmers are known to have pretty big feet. It’s like having your own built-in pair of flippers!

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  8. Why Having Big Feet Is Amazing

    At XL Feet, we say that “Fitting Extra Large Feet Is No Extra Large Feat! ®” yet, do we ever think of all the advantages to having big feet? Below, you’ll find some of the most prominent benefits to the tremendous asset of your feet.

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  9. Why Do They Always Discontinue My Favorite Big Men's Shoes in Large Sizes?

    Almost 100% of the Big Men who wear large size 13+ footwear have wide feet.  It continues to baffle me how the manufacturers of big sizes seem to not be aware of this.  Thorogood however, has read the writing on the wall, and they did something about it. 

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  10. Size 18 Men’s Shoes You Can’t Do Without

    Having size 18 feet means spending a lot of hours and probably a lot of money shopping around looking for shoes that actually fit you. That is, of course, unless you have wisely made the decision to shop with us here at XL feet, where you can find nearly any type of shoe you could need in your size, in the styles you want, and at prices that are meant to place.

    In addition, if you are looking for size 18 men’s shoes, you will, at some point or other, have a need for each of these types of shoes. Even if you are a busy professional with no time for the field or the outdoors, or a foreman who has never set foot inside an office, you should make it a habit to be prepared with at least the three following styles of footwear to ensure that you are never caught off-guard.

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