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  1. We Have Size 15 Men's Shoes At XL Feet

    Sometimes, you use things that get the job done just well enough. Sometimes, you need an umbrella but you just button your coat up a little bit tighter and tuck your chin down into your collar. Sometimes you need a spade but all you have is a scoop, so you just end up using the corners of the scoop to dig on in. And sometimes, good enough is good enough. Cutting corners should never be the aim of any project of yours, but when you absolutely need to cut corners, you may as well do it with an uncommon measure of spit-shine and elbow grease.

    Sorel Shoes Sorel Shoes

    There are a few times when

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  2. Why Is It So Hard To Find Size 16 Men’s Shoes?

    Big Men's shoes Big Men's shoes

    If you wear big shoes, it’s probably been very tough for you to find shoes that fit you. We’re not concerned with style and comfort just yet, only with the logistical nightmare it can be to find shoes that actually fit on your feet at all. Of course, you’ve probably made concessions over the years in terms of style and comfort just to be able to walk out of the house with shoes on your feet at all. There are probably many reasons why it’s always been difficult to find shoes in larger sizes, and here are only a few of them. By the way, we did mention it’s probably tough for you to find larger shoes, right? We’re not even concerned about a size 12 or 13. We’re talking huge, like size 16 men's shoe’s or bigger. Truthfully, some of you reading this may never even have seen a pair of size 16 men's shoe’s on the rack in an average department store, having instead to rely on other methods to find shoes you can wear. That is if your shoe size is only that small. How difficult it is to find men’s shoes in sizes larger than this only the people with feet that large can possibly know.

    Apparently, over the past few decades, Americans have seen a trend that, for better or worse, gives them larger feet. The role that things like diet, lifestyle and footwear play in this is somewhat unclear. What is clear is that on average, Americans have larger feet on average than they did 100 years ago. Americans have gotten taller and heavier over time, so it’s been suggested that our feet are changing in league with that trend.

    Whatever the reason for the shift in the average size of feet, it’s not debatable that it’s basically impossible to find size 16 men’s shoes or larger models. Forget the online market, where it’s still tough to find shoes,

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  3. Some Top Picks In Extra Wide Men’s Shoes And Workboots

    If you need extra wide men’s shoes, it’s rarely more noticeable than when you actually need workboots to support you and protect your feet. Whether you rely on the protection of a faithful pair of workboots every day on the job or you only periodically break out a pair of boots for yard work, a proper fit is critical. While a proper fit is important to preventing injury, an improper fit can actually be the cause of it. Here are some things to consider.

     While a pair of shoes that are too narrow is never going to be a comfortable experience, most shoes will just squeeze your feet uncomfortably. Now we’re going to change up the situation for a moment and swap out those shoes with a pair of steel or composite toe work boots. A shoe will constrict your feet, but your toes have absolutely nowhere else to go inside of a steel or composite toe box. Only a few minutes of labor grating up against a toe box and you’ll wish you weren’t wearing boots at all.

     A pair of boots that are too narrow will also rob you of any or all of the insulative benefits of the boot. Yes, boots do rely on their insulative proper to trap heat within their space, but if they constrict your foot they will be preventing heat from getting there in the first place. It’s a bad combination.

     There’s also the fact that workboots that are too narrow are not going to support you properly, so over the course of a day of work, you will slowly experience the growing effects of discomfort. When you’re on your feet all day or just for a prolonged period, there’s little worse than a pair of boots that don’t fit. So if you want to get the protective benefits of workboots without the discomfort of toes rubbed raw and cold feet, make sure you get

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  4. Some Great Large Men’s Shoes For Hiking

    Hiking is one of the best ways to get back in touch with nature and spend a day really being present in the outdoors. It’s not just for the warmer months, either as some of the best days for spending outdoors are in the winter, where the activity will keep you warm. Few things are more enjoyable than the sights and solitude of a long hike - although hiking with buddies is a great way to get out there too.

     Hiking, however, takes a great toll on your feet. Taking a hike, even a short one, in shoes that are inadequate for any reason, such as support, cushioning, or size, is a very bad idea. Here at XL Feet, we specialize in removing the burden of finding shoes that fit, offering you large men’s shoes in sizes all the way up through size 21. We also offer you some of the best shoes and boots out there, and our hiking shoes are no exception. When you come to us here at XL Feet, we’ll help set you up with hiking shoes in your size for success on the trail. Here are some great choices for hikers in large men’s shoes that will keep you well supported in your outdoor endeavors.


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  5. Three Great Size 14 Boots You Can Find at XL Feet

    There are three main types of size 14 boots: hiking boots, work boots, and snow boots. We will provide an overview of each type, and provide one example from our stock at XL Feet to demonstrate how the general definition of the shoe translates into specifics.


    Hiking boots are designed specifically to protect the feet and ankles during outdoor activity. Their quality and durability determine a person’s ability to travel long distances without injury, and they are constructed to provide comfort over those distances. As such, they are usually made with special protections around the heel. Because they provide a ton of ankle support, hiking boots tend to be fairly stiff before you break them in. Remember that hiking boots should not fit too tightly or too loosely, so as to prevent blisters from forming. In addition to hiking, most hiking boots are designed for activities that include backpacking and mountaineering.

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  6. Three Great Size 16 Men’s Work Boots

    The thing with size 16 men’s work boots is that they’re like finding really personable cats—kind of almost impossible. That’s why, in 2009, Adrian Coulter liquidated his retirement account and stated XL Feet with just $8,000. Adrian’s a big guy, with size 16 feet, and he knows how tough it can be shopping for proper sizes and widths. When he first began retailing he quickly saw the demand for sizes fourteen-plus, as well as 4E and up, and, by 2017, he had grown the company, surpassing $1.2 Million in revenue. When he started, there were already companies offering large and wide footwear online, but their services were often generic, inferior in both quality and substance to the services provided to people with smaller, thinner feet.

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