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  1. Extra Large Mens Socks and Extra Large Boots: Perfect Together

    Extra Large Men's Boots Extra Large Men's Boots

    Here at XL Feet, we’ve done our fair share of talking about how we are the place to get extra large men’s boots and shoes. We’ve done our fair share of talking about how we’re your venue for extra large mens socks and slippers too. What we haven’t done is give a comprehensive run down on the necessity of pairing them together, beyond the simply obvious reason that it would be terribly uncomfortable not to be wearing shoes and socks in your size. Therefore, and without further ado, we mean to jump right into it. 

    Why Extra Large Boots?

    Well, there’s a simple answer to some of this here. You don’t unequivocally need extra large boots. You really only need extra large boots if your shoe size demands it, but if so, that’s all the reason in the world to us. 

    There is an entire fleet of reasons why you can’t get away with wearing boots that are too small for you, and it ranges from simple matters like comfort to complex matters like injuring your feet and ankles and having to forgo doing the things you love. 

    Comfort and Support

    Let’s say you are about to take a nice long walk in the woods. Perhaps you are a fan of hiking for that matter. Plan yourself a nice, twelve mile long hike over soft, sandy, rolling country. Nothing too insane, nothing too rocky. Not even an excessive length of trail. Just a nice, leisurely walk that you can accomplish before lunch if you set out with the sun, even if you are carrying a pack.

    Now, while we would suggest that you wear a quality pair of hiking boots like Columbia’s or Keen’s we’re going to do a little experiment. We are going to suggest you wear a quality pair of hiking boots like Columbia’s or Keen’s, maybe even Lowa’s or Rocky’s. Only we’re going to sh

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  2. If You Need Big Size Shoes, Don’t Forget Extra Large Mens Socks

    Here at XL Feet, our mantra is that ‘fitting extra large feet is no extra large feat,’ and we mean to stick to it. Others in the market might be satisfied with providing for guys with extra large feet every once in a while, but here, that’s all we do. Not only do we offer you big size shoes, boots, sneakers and slippers here on our site, there’s another lesser known commodity that goes along with them that you might have let slip your mind until now - extra large mens socks. 

    It might seem obvious that you need extra large mens socks if you need big size shoes or boots, but socks just don’t get the same air time. It’s typically so difficult to find larger men’s footwear that people tend to forget about socks in their search for shoes.

    That’s probably led plenty of guys down the path of wearing socks that are too small or no socks at all, and we’ve talked about the perils of doing so before, but here’s a really quick refresher. If you wear socks that are too small, it’s not a huge deal (no pun intended). You can probably get away with it, especially since most socks are made to fit a pretty large spectrum of foot sizes, think 6-12. You can get away with a sock that’s a size or so too small, just know that they will wear out and go threadbare more quickly if that’s the case.

    As for the situation in which you would choose to go without socks, that is something you would want to avoid at all costs with close toed shoes. The first reason is that if you go without socks in your boots or shoes, your footwear will absorb grease and oil that will become just about impossible to remove over time. The result? A lingering odor that just won’t come out.

    If you’re willing to live with that, perhaps you won’t be willing to live with the fact that going without socks put you at a higher risk of infection. Socks

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  3. Size 15 Socks: Do You Need Them?

    This material only really applies to guys who need size 15 socks or any other size that might go by the term “extra large socks.” That being said, it will also cover some general benefits of socks, so if you’ve ever been wondering if you really need socks at all, keep on reading.

    If you’re still here, that must mean that you either have extra large feet or you happen to have a genuine interest in the virtues of socks. We figure that’s a good thing in either case and we welcome your readership. So, if you wear size 15 shoes, does that mean you need size 15 socks? Do you need to wear socks in your size or can you get away with smaller sizes? Perhaps a better question is this, do you need socks at all?

    The answer to all of these questions is not one standard response. The general answer to whether or not you need socks is that it depends, and the answer to the question of whether or not you need to mate the size of your socks to your feet is yes.

    We’re going to take quite a look at why you need socks in general if you are wearing close toed shoes. This doesn’t necessarily apply to going barefoot, wearing slippers or wearing open toed shoes, but the fact of the matter is that if you are going to wear close toed shoes you shouldn’t try to get away without socks.

    As for ensuring that your sizes of socks fit you, you should match the size as closely as you can, and we make it fairly easy here at XL Feet. While manufacturers are fairly liberal with their range of sizes that socks will accommodate (for example, ‘Fits shoe size 6-12” which is some serious range) at a certain point those socks just won’t fit you. We’re proud to be one of the premier suppliers of quite a variety of quality socks to guys with extra large feet.

    Here at XL Feet, we’ve gotten pretty down into the weeds with the reasons why it’s a terrible idea

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