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  1. Here’s Why You Need Wide Boots If You Wear Size 4E Wide Shoes

    Carolina Wide boots Carolina Wide boots

    Wearing shoes in extra-large sizes or extra wide widths can be a pain for a whole bunch of reasons but we’ll stay pretty basic. We know that it can be tough to find shoes that fit the size of your foot and the width too. Especially with really wide widths like size 4E wide shoes, it can be tough to find shoes, boots and slippers that fit. The good news is that you’re in the right place to find the shoes and boots in that width.

    Here’s the thing though. Even if you find the boots you want right here on our site, it’s critically important that you buy them in your width, especially if you wear size 4E wide shoes. While you might be able to get by with the discomfort of shoes in widths that don’t quite accommodate the size of your foot, you really can’t get away with boots that are too narrow - regardless of whether they are for work, hiking or anything else. Here’s why.

    You’ll Actually Injure Yourself

    Two of the most common uses for boots are for hiking and to protect your feet and support you while you are on a job site. It doesn’t matter what your use for boots is, what matters is that you get them in the right size. Let’s start with boots for work, specifically boots with a protective toe box.

    Steel or composite doesn’t matter a jot in this particular scenario. If you think you can squeeze into a pair of boots with a steel or composite toe that isn’t wide enough for you, you got another thing coming.

    Shoes with a steel toe or composite toe that aren’t wide enough for you will physically injure you if you think you can squeeze into them. Don’t even try. It’s true that they won’t protect you as they should but that isn’t worth mentioning since they will be their own unique form of an occupational hazard if they are too narrow.

    That’s not the only way you might hurt yourself if you wear boots that are too narrow. Let’s say you pick up a pair of hik

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  2. We Have The Size 14 Men’s Shoes You Need

    Wearing size 14 men’s shoes puts you in something of an uncomfortable position. Size 14 men’s shoes are sort of right on the edge of what’s considered to be ‘too large to stock’ by most retailers. As a result, you might have just as much trouble finding boots, shoes, socks and other footwear as guys with much larger feet. If you wear a guys size 14, you might as well wear a size 21.

    While you’re understandably going to need shoes, socks and other footwear for a variety of different purposes ranging from working out to be comfortable in bed, the good news is that here on our site at you can find easy access to shoes in large sizes for pretty much any use or activity.

    One of the areas in which you won’t want to make any compromises in the quality and size of your footwear is at work. If you need dress shoes for work, for days in the office or for formal occasions, make sure you get them in your size. If you wear size 14 men’s shoes, that means you need them in size 14.

    The first reason for this is for the fact that dress shoes are expensive and not designed to be beaten up. If you squeeze into a pair of dress shoes that are too small for you, you’ll be wearing them out far before their time. The soles will wear unevenly and the stitching will all wear and separate prematurely. If you’re spending top dollar for your dress shoes because you want to look nice in them, do yourself a favor and don’t wear them out before they need to be.

    In addition, you’re going to be more uncomfortable in a pair of shoes that don’t fit you properly. That should go without saying but it’s just something else of which we feel the need to remind you. The point is - for your dress shoes, get them in your size, right here at XL Feet. Here are some great picks.

    Florsheim Corbetta

    You can’t

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  3. Some Size 17 Men's Shoes For Dress

    If you need size 17 men's shoes, you probably won’t be surprising anyone if you let out the secret that it’s pretty tough to find shoes that fit you. Even we here at XL Feet wouldn’t be surprised if you were to let it out of the bag that you couldn’t find any styles you liked, even when you happened up a pair of size 17 men's shoes that actually did fit you.

    It can get old pretty quick when you need to wear the same pair of tennis or gym shoes over and over again. Especially when you need to wear those shoes in situations where they are uncalled for, like in the snow or at the office.

    Speaking of which - although support and comfort are two of the most important things that footwear offers - it doesn’t offer when it doesn’t fit. There’s something else to keep in mind. Sometimes your choice in shoes has to be aesthetically compatible with your other dress and isn’t just to keep you protected and dry.

    When you need a pair of dress shoes, it’s only half about comfort and support. The other half is fully about style and appeal. Here are, we’re proud to offer you size 17 men's shoes - dress shoes - that you probably never thought you’d be able to find. Take a look at some of our offerings here.

    Florsheim Welles


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  4. A Look At Some Of Our Size 15 Slippers For Men

    Here at XL Feet, we make it easy for guys with extra-large feet to find the footwear they need. That doesn’t just apply to shoes and boots, but to anything else you could need in footwear to stay cushioned, supported, and comfortable. That extends to socks and slippers as well.

    We’ve already explored some of the reasons that you can’t cut corners when you need boots or shoes. If you need a size 15, for example, it can be downright dangerous if you wear shoes or boots that don’t fit you properly. We won’t bore you with the details here - you probably know them well enough, but we invite you to look through some of our previous blog posts for an exposé on why you should wear boots and shoes in the proper size.

    We’ve also previously taken a strong stance on why you should wear slippers in your size, and in fact why you should wear slippers at all. Whether or not you keep a pair of slippers in the house is a personal choice, and there are quite a few benefits for doing so. We’ve gone into them in-depth before, so here we’ll offer you the abbreviated spiel.

    Keeping a pair of slippers around the house will increase your comfort while at home. That’s the first and most obvious consideration to make. Really, why does anyone buy anything other than for the ultimate reason that they want it? Slippers are comfortable and cozy, that’s just a fact. It’s also the first, if not subjective reason, that you might want to keep a pair of slippers in your home. The following reasons, well, they aren’t so subjective.

    The first of the objective reasons to keep a pair of slippers in your home is to keep it clean. If you keep a pair of comfortable slippers by the door so you can shake off your boots or shoes after you come inside, you’ll be making it easier on yourself in the long run. You won’t be grinding dirt into the carpet and the stairs. Even your tile will stay cleaner.

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  5. Why Should I Be Wearing Shoes That Fit?

    Wearing Shoes Wearing Shoes

    This is a question that is commonly asked, more for interest in the actual reasons that necessitate proper footwear than from the obvious observation that small shoes cause discomfort and agitation. We’ll answer this question at length and tell you how you can get shoes that are supportive, comfortable and attractive right here at XL Feet, but first, we’re going to use a scenario to illustrate the necessity for footwear that fits right.

    First, we’ll need to set a few parameters. Let’s say that you wear size 14 men's shoes, or that at least you should be, when you can find shoes that fit right. Let’s also say that it’s relatively easy for you to find a pair of size 11s or 12s, that you can just about squeeze your foot into. We’re not in any way suggesting you try this, but to illustrate the exigency of footwear that fits, we’re going to go ahead with a hypothetical scenario.

    For the purpose of this ‘thought experiment’ for lack of a better word, we’ll assume first that you wear size 14 men's shoes and that you can and have found a pair of size 12s that you can actually fit into and move around without terrible pain. Again, we’re by no means suggesting that you attempt this, but only using it to illustrate the very real problems associated with shoes that are too small.

    Now, we’re going to say that this pair of size 12 shoes is a pair of hiking shoes and we’re going to take an imaginary hike down a flat country trail. No hills, no rocks to scramble over, no otherwise dangerous obstacles to navigate. Just a flat sand trail. We’re also going to make this a moderate length, say 8 miles, and we’re

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