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  1. Why You Need Extra Wide Shoes

    Many of us from time to time, in a hurry, will just settle for or slip into the nearest pair of shoes we can find. You can forget the fact that when we’re called to help unload something from the car or go get the mail that we might not be wearing the right shoes to go out. We’re talking actually making a pair of shoes that just doesn’t fit right a designated pair of shoes for daily use. 

    That’s enough of a problem for most of us whose shoe sizes are in the average range, and wouldn’t be considered excessively large or small, and there are scenarios in which shoes that are too big can be dangerous on a variety of levels. 

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  2. Get Shoes, Boots and Other Footwear Right Here at

    Are you ready for a challenge? Alright, here goes - Where can you find size 17 mens shoes with a minimum of headache and at reasonable prices you’d pay for shoes in other sizes? Here’s a follow up - where can you get size 17 mens shoes at all? Perhaps you’ve spent countless hours at retail and department locations which shall mercifully remain nameless, looking for shoes, boots or other footwear in your size. You may have wandered the aisles and the racks looking for shoes that would fit you - anything that might suffice - with nary anything more than a measly pair or two of size 13s to show for it, and if you’re hitting size 17, size 13 just won’t cut it. That’s only the tip of the iceberg though, because size 13’s are rare enough.

    You may have even taken your search online from time to time, looking through the catalogs and listing of online purveyors, which shall likewise remain mercifully anonymous, hoping to find shoes in the right size. You may have hoped to find any shoes that might work when really you needed shoes for a specific occasion, sport or pursuit, and more than likely your search was not only vain but frustrating. After all, if you went to a retailer looking for a large shirt but found shirts of every nature and fabric in every size but large, that would get old after a short time too.

    Then you may have set your sights on the ability to send out custom orders to retailers and manufacturers in the hopes that you could set up your shoe wardrobe for success, whether the occasion called for formal dress or work called for a pair of boots that could support you and keep

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