Often times, our foot width is considered while shopping for shoes. Wide feet need the right type of shoes that provide style and comfort.
The final decision is narrowed down to whether someone has a wide or narrow feet and which style fits best. Most individuals have a narrow foot, so shoe shopping may be easier. However, for those that have a wide foot, finding the right fit can be quite a task.


Those with wide feet shouldn't try to narrow their feet just yet. According to bustle.com, “Plus-size retailers are beginning to add wide shoes to their inventories, shoe companies are slowly beefing up their selections of wide options, and custom shoe companies make it possible to design your own footwear to meet your needs.”

1. Search the wide foot section

Obviously, it's best to go looking for comfortable shoes by searching the wide section. Although there are retailers that have a section for wide feet shoes, a store dedicated to big and wide feet is the way to go.

2. Buy shoes that compliment your wide feet

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