We know runners (or non-runners) come in different shapes and sizes and so will their feet. Sometimes finding the right fitting shoes for those large feet individuals can be somewhat challenging. Don’t let the width of your feet discourage you from finding comfortable running shoes! If your shoes are designed for someone with normal width or narrow feet then that may be the cause of your discomfort which can even be why you feel demotivated. 

At XL Feet, we want to ensure that you walk out a happy customer by making sure that your shoes fit properly and comfortably from heel to toe. Whether you’re purchasing your first wide shoes or your fiftieth, browsing in-store or on our website, we are always here to make that process easier!

Check Your Shoe Fit:

We usually advise that you come into our store to get a proper shoe fitting so that we can offer you different models and ensure that you end up with the best running shoe for your foot strike and foot shape. However, if you cannot make it in-store, our customer service representatives are there to happily help you! 

  1. A proper fitting running
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