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  1. Why XL Feet Recommends Keen Newports for Mens Extra Large Sandals

    Summer time is filled with fun, and when most paint the image of summer in their imagination, it usually includes a beach and some sun.  With all the fun to be had, and memories to be made with the ones we care about, men with big feet and or guys who wear wide shoes, face a challenge not shared by the masses. 

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  2. Extra Large Shoes? You Need Wool Socks

    XLFeet makes available a wide variety of Extra Large Merino Wool Athletic socks for outdoor enthusiasts and for guys who just want a quality wool sock to wear around the house.  In the past, hikers, runners, hunters and mountain climbers alike have complained about socks that get wet, stay wet, bunch, slip and cause blisters. Every big foot can benefit from wearing merino wool socks, though.
    With new technology being used in the construction of athletic footwear, finally hikers, hunters, runners, and mountain climbers with large and wide feet can sigh a breathe of relief. 
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  3. How Do You Know if You Need Wide Shoes?

    When it comes to foot size, things can get kind of controversial. We know from experience that individuals with bigger feet sizes have had to endure a lot teasing in their lifetime or have had trouble finding their shoe size in store, but what if you have bigger feet AND they’re wide? This is a dilemma for a good number of shoe wearers, and it can be very discouraging when shopping time comes around.

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  4. Jobs That Require Tons of Standing

    There are many reasons as to why some people prefer an office job vs. a job that requires individuals to be on their feet all day. Either way, working for an extended period of time, isn’t healthy on the human body, furthermore standing on your feet all day contributes to some long-term muscle trouble.

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  5. Flat Feet and Their Burdens

    If you have flat feet, then you know that the struggle that come with wearing certain shoes, for a long period of time, can be a nightmare. For women with flat feet, wearing high heel shoes will always require some sort of added arch support.
    For men with flat feet, dress shoes may be the perfect partner to a classy, suit, but they can be your flat feets’ ARCH nemesis. See what we did there? Fortunately, there’s always a solution to every problem.
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  6. Finally EEEE - 4E Wide Composite Work Boots Made In USA to size 14

    Almost 100% of the Big Men who wear large size 13+ footwear have wide feet.  It continues to baffle me how the manufacturers of big sizes seem to not be aware of this.  Thorogood however, has read the writing on the wall, and they did something about it. 

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