Antimicrobial Socks

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Large Antimicrobial Socks for Men

Men's Antimicrobial Socks size 7-13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 are made with the tall man in mind. These Large size Antimicrobial Socks are comfortable, and some of them stretch extra wide to EEEEEE - 6E. Most of us men who have large size and wide width feet put quite the load on our feet. Usually the smallest of us Bigfoots are pretty big guys, so the need for a good antimicrobial and or antifungal sock is two-fold with us. Some of our antimicrobial socks feature silver ions which prevent bacteria and other microbes from reproducing. In turn this helps to cut down on foot odor and leaves your feet feeling better by days end. Make sure to get your big mens antimicrobial socks at XLfeet today, and notice how much better your feet will smell in days to come.

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