If you're at all uncertain about fit, or a possible return, PLEASE CALL US!! (651) 797-6000. Just because 2 items may be labelled the same size/width, in many cases they can fit VERY DIFFERENTLY, and even within the same brand.

Returns may be sent back to:

242 Fillmore Ave E
St Paul, MN 55107 

Return and Exchange FAQ

Return Shipping Charges

Returns For Refund (customer paid for initial shipment): The customer is responsible for the return shipment, and XLfeet will refund the full value of the returned item(s) only.  All Shipping Charges are non-refundable

Free Shipping/Restocking Fee:
Any orders with free shiping that are refunded, where the refund causes the order total to drop below $119.00 (or sock orders that fall below $80), will have a $12.00 restocking fee deducted from the refund.

Restocking Fee Example: If you ordered a pair of boots that cost $150 and they were sent to you with free shipping, once they are returned and the $150 is refunded, your order total drops to $0.00, hence, it no longer qualifies for free shipping and the $12.00 restocking fee will be deducted from the refund.

If you ordered a $80 or more of socks and they were sent to you with free shipping, once they are returned and the the refund of any or all of the socks would drop your order total below the $80 sock free shipping threshold, hence, it no longer qualifies for free shipping and the $12.00 restocking fee will be deducted from the refund.

Refund/Return Period: 
We allow the return of the item(s) for refund or exchange inside of 60 days from the date of purchase. Items returned outside of the 60 day period will not be credited, and the customer is responsible for all shipping to have them returned if they wish to have them back.

Return To Sender: 
In the event an order comes back to XLfeet as "Return To Sender" the merchandise will be refunded less any shipping charges.  It is the customer's responsibility to provide a valid shipping address.  If the customer is aware a specific carrier is unreliable in their area, it's their responsibility to choose a different carrier, or call us before the order ships to specify the carrier.  CAUTION: The shipping methods Free Shipping and Flat Rate Shipping allow XLfeet to pick the least expensive carrier.  

Condition of the Returned Item(s)

We ship new merchandise to you, so please extend us the same courtesy and ship new merchandise back to us. Make sure footwear is tried on a clean carpeted surface, and keep all packaging and paperwork. Items returned without the original manufacturer's packaging/box will not be accepted. Used footwear will not be accepted and may be returned to the customer at the customer's expense.

When preparing your package and items for return or exchange, please follow the examples below:

Condition of Packaging

XL Feet Package Return Condition

Condition of Socks
We cannot accept socks that have been removed from the original packaging. Please make sure that both the hook holder and Sticker/Cardboard Sleeve are unopened and still intact. 

XL Feet Sock Return Conditions

Condition of Products
We cannot accept shoes that are dirty, show any signs of wear, or contain debris of any kind in the tread, regardless of where they were tried on.

XL Feet Product Return Condition

Damaged / Defective Items
If your items are damaged or defective, please submit a warranty on our warranty page. The customer is responsible for any shipping costs not covered by the manufacturer. Warranty claims may only be accepted within 6 months from date of purchase. The warranty is limited warranty and based on the descretion of the manufacturer.

Jumbo Orders 

Orders with a quantity of 3 or more boots/shoes may be held at our discretion.  We are very knowledgable about how all of our footwear fits, and most of it fits differently.  It's mutually beneficial for us to speak with the customer and ship what we determine to have the best chance of fitting, than to ship several pairs accross the country and back at great expense to see if one, let alone any of the items fit.  Historically orders with 3 or more pair end up with all pairs being returned, they've proven to not be sustainable, and rarely make for happy customers.  Instead of throwing spagetti at the wall to see what, if anything sticks, call us at (651) 797-6000 to speak with a fit expert so we can share our expertise and lower your chances of a return.

Clearance Items

Clearance itesms do not have any warranty.

Address Correction Fees

Any fees charged for address corrections will passed along to the customer in full. It is the customer's responsibility to provide a correct/valid shipping address.

How Long Does It Take to For My Refund To Hit My Account?

Everyday we get at least 2 calls from a customer going something like this, "I see my return was delivered to your warehouse today. Why don't I see my refund on my account yet? When will I see my refund in my account?"

Returns are processed within 5 business days of when they are delivered to our warehouse. It can take up to 5 business days from the time a return is processed before it's reflected on the customer's account.