Why Big Mens Large Size Boots Squeak and How to Stop It

There are few things in life as infuriating (and sometimes embarrassing) as squeaky shoes. It usually starts by noticing the sound and assuming it is coming from somewhere or someone else. Once the realization sets in on the actual source, it becomes nearly impossible not to hear each and every little creak for the rest of the day (internal screaming intensifies).  Life is difficult enough when have big feet.  Who wants their wide mens boots to squeak?

Luckily, the reason for the noise is often easy enough to pinpoint. Extra Wide Boots are squeaky in three main places: First, it might be coming from the inside of the shoes. Second, it is coming from the outside of the shoe. Third, it could be coming from under the shoe. To find the sound, rock back and forth from the front to the heel. Once the noise’s source is found, solutions can be applied.

Boot squeaks from the inside

The most common location for squeaky boots is inside. Usually, this is due to the presence of or a buildup of moisture inside the shoe. This is especially common with wide men's feet to 4E and EEEEEE - 6E wide.  Thankfully, this is also the easiest location to remedy. Start by giving them a quick little dry. Simply put a small amount of fabric softener on a cloth and toss it in the dryer with the boots for no more than 10-15 minutes. Voila!

Another tried and true method of eliminating squeaky shoes is by adding some baby powder or talcum powder to the inside of the boot to solve the problem. If the shoe has an insole, put the powder in between that and the sole. If you happen to have our widest boots or shoes for men made by Drew Shoes, you’ll likely have 2 inserts to work with as par of their double depth fitting system.  Otherwise, put the powder around the edges where the sole meets the sides. The powder helps to absorb any moisture and ease loud rubbing spots.


Noise from the boot’s outside

Sometimes the squeaky sounds can be coming from the outside or upper part of the boots. This is typically a result of different sections of the outer shoe rubbing against each other. If the noise is coming from leather boots, purchase a leather/suede conditioner to apply to the boot’s outer seams. WD-40 can do similar things, but be careful not to damage the shoe in the process.

These sounds can also be from a broken or defective boot piece. Most of our customers are big men who either need sizes 15, 16, 17, and larger or have extra wide feet to 4E and 6E wide or wider.  Most footwear isn’t designed for men who need large and wide footwear and under the increased weight load, the shank can break.  A worst-case scenario is that the noise is coming from the sole, the heel counter, or a loose shank. Unfortunately, if this is the case, it might be time to bring in a professional cobbler. The boot may need to be disassembled in order for the appropriate adjustments to be made. Better to leave that to the pros.


Sound from under the boot

If the squeak is coming from the bottom of the boot, there are a few quick and easy things to do to eliminate the sound. The first problem could be that the large mens shoes is too slick on the bottom and that is where the noise is coming from. This is often true with new boots. Start by rubbing the bottom of the shoe with a dryer sheet. If that does not seem to help, gently try sandpaper.

Lastly, if the boot’s sole has become loose, cracked, or otherwise broken, there are two main options. Before these boots are thrown into the garbage or donation pile, try an extreme fix like super glue or silicone caulk. Second, again, it is time to call in the professionals. If this pair of shoes has made it through all of these tests, they might be worth letting a cobbler save them.  Cobblers especially love the large size and wide boots because their large size give them more room and material to work with.

The only way a shoe squeak can be worse is if the person has large-sized feet. If the problem pair are extra-large boots, the noise is extra-large too. Let XL Feet help to find the perfect boot with their ExpertFit® Consultation over the net. Whether the DIY solutions have not worked or it is simply time to find a new pair of large size shoes, XL Feet founder Adrian is there to assist.