At XL Feet, we say that “Fitting Extra Large Feet Is No Extra Large Feat! ®” yet, do we ever think of all the advantages to having big feet? Below, you’ll find some of the most prominent benefits to the tremendous asset of your feet.
Xl Feet Big shoes For Men Xl Feet Big shoes For Men


Large feet help you to get a bit more motion in the pool. Some of the top Olympic swimmers are known to have pretty big feet. It’s like having your own built-in pair of flippers!
If you’re a runner, it's been shown that you’re better able to sprint if you have larger feet. It has to do with the size of your toes. Prominent feet may also support better balance, especially on uneven terrain. Your knees are also better supported when you have larger feet because there is better shock absorption coming from the bottom of your legs. 
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Many of the guys (including the founder of XL Feet, who wears size 16EE) report the feel of a sort of cushion just beneath the ball of your foot when they try on the New Balance 1540.  New Balance is arguably the best running shoe for men with large size and wide-width feet. It's made to size 16 and is offered in widths from B Narrow, D, EE, 4E, and 6E Wide shoes.
Finding shoes for your big feet used to be difficult. Now, it’s easier than ever to get your fit with the XL Feet store. If your shoe size is hard to find, we’re sure to have it! Contact us today because one thing is for sure - we LOVE big feet.  
Fitting Extra Large Feet Is No Extra Large Feat! ®