Going for a hike can be a truly relaxing outdoor activity that helps you to become one with nature and reduce the stress of the busy everyday world. One of the best parts of going on a hike is that you can go at any time. If you can find a good trail that you can easily navigate and that provides the scenic views that make hiking so relaxing and it is close and easy to access, you can easily go for a hike at any time.

That said, hiking requires comfort. You won’t get far if the shoes you wear aren’t build for the task of climbing over rocks or logs or for inclines and declines you can face on a hiking trail. The selection of hiking shoes can get a little thin and feel like they are built for one type of foot. But not everyone has the same feet in size or width. So why should you have to constantly hunt to find shoes that fit you and keep you comfortable?

With XL Feet, you can find wide hiking shoes that make your travels and adventures much more comfortable so you can better enjoy the views that you encounter on your hike. Today, we will look at some of the reasons you should get the hiking shoes you need for your next hike.

Comfort - Your top priority when you are buying any hiking shoes is comfort. You need to feel good to be able to get the most out of your hike. If you have wider feet and need a special boot or shoe for your travels, wide hiking boots are the right choice for you so you can achieve the maximum level of comfort.


Wearing shoes that actually fit you properly can help you get better grip and stability. This is especially important when hiking because it can help you maintain your balance or secure yourself to certain rock formations or ledges or around ground that is uneven and put you in better control of where your feet are and where they will stay. Wearing the right shoes for hiking isn’t just comfortable, it increases your safety.



Better Look - Wearing shoes that are too small for your feet or that don’t fit your feet properly and leave too much room doesn’t just feel wrong, it can look wrong too. Shoes that are too big or too small can have an effect on appearance too, not just performance. Having shoes that fit the right way just looks right.


With several reasons for choosing hiking shoes that fit properly and give you the best performance, you need to know how to get those shoes. You want to start by consulting someone at your local shoe store and get an accurate measurement of your feet. In some cases, you may have one foot larger than the other. Even if both feet are the same size, having the need for large or wide hiking shoes requires some knowledge of the overall measurement. This can give you a starting point for when you start to shop for shoes.

When you actually get to try on the shoes, make sure you can stand up and have room to wiggle your toes after they are fully laced up. Your big toe should be close to the front of the shoe, but not be touching or pressed against the front of the shoe. If the shoes feel right with your feet stationary, you want to try all of the motions that you will use while wearing the shoes. Lean forward onto your toes and then back onto your heels. Walk up an incline and come back down a decline to sample moving to higher altitude and returning downhill. If the shoes fit the right way, your feet should remain in a secure position and not move around. As long as you don’t feel anything unusual or painful when walking in the shoes, you can feel safe wearing them and knowing you have a shoe that fits your feet properly.



For extra large boots and wide hiking shoes that fit your feet the right way, look good and are built to last through all of your hiking adventures, choose XL Feet for the best selection in sizes that you don’t frequently see. You can find shoes in all sizes from 7 all the way up to 21 and extra wide shoes that can go to size 6E. Since 2009, we have been a solution for people who want to find nice shoes made with quality in sizes that are not frequently available at standard shoe stores.


So start shopping today to find the best selection of shoes that fit extra wide feet and wide hiking shoes that will make your adventures outside so much more comfortable and enjoyable.