TREDS 12" Rubber Overshoe

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    Fits Boots up to size 19

    Made In USA
    Tear/Rip Resistant


    Cement Concrete Resistant

A 12" high overboot that easily pulls over your shoes or work boots and won't "blow" out.

Super Tough TREDS rubber overboots, made of Nature’s strongest elastomer… latex natural rubber:
• 4000 lbs tensile strength
• 210 lbs/inch trouser tear strength
• 800% elongation

TREDS secret: using a proprietary process, more art than science, pure sap from the rubber tree is blended with special chemical agents and seamlessly molded in our Cincinnati, Ohio manufacturing plant. The result: TREDS, the world’s most durable, comfortable and economical overboots available.

  • 4000 lbs. of tensile strength
  • 210 lbs./inch of “trouser tear” strength
  • 800% elongation
Boot Size Fits Men’s shoe: Heel-Toe Toe Length* (in inches)
X-SMALL 3-4 between 101/4 & 10 3/4
SMALL 5-7 between 10 3/4& 11 1/4
MEDIUM 8-10 between 11 1/4& 12 1/2
LARGE 11-12 between 121/2 & 13 1/4
LARGE/X-LARGE 13-14 between 13 1/4& 13 3/4
X-LARGE 15-16 between 13 3/4& 14 1/2
XX-LARGE 17-19 between 14 1/2& 15 1/2
Durability: TREDS won’t “blow out” on the job… Guaranteed.
Comfort: Pull on/off easily – TREDS are sized to fit. Pull on a pair of TREDS and forget you have them on.
Simplicity: Unilast Design – No right/ no left.
Economy: Patchable with vulcanizing rubber patch or super glue.

Chemical Resistance Chart

Chemical Name TREDS Natural Rubber Neoprene Vinyl
Acetaldehyde E E NR
Acetic Acid (Conc) E E F
Acetone E G NR
Ammonium Hydroxide (Conc) E E E
Amyl Acetate NR NR F
Aniline G G NR
Animal Fats G E NR
Asphalt F F NR
Benzylic Alcohol F E E
Bleach E E E
Boric Acid E E E
Brake Fluid F E F
Butyl Acetate NR NR F
Carbon Tetrachloride NR F F
Chloracetone E E NR
Chromic Acid (50%) NR NR G
Cresosote G E G
Cutting Oil G E G
Cyclohexane NR F NR
Diesel Fuel NR F NR
Diethanolamine E E E
Diethyl Ether F E F
Dioctyl Phlalate (DOP) F G NR
Ethyl Acetate G F NR
Ethyl Alcohol E E F
Ethylene Glycol E E E
Fertilizers E E E
Fish Oils F E F
Fluorides E E E
Formaldehyde (37%) E E E
Fuel Oil F F F
Gasoline F G F
Hexane NR NR F
Household Detergents E E G
Hydraulic Fluid E E G
Hydrochloric Acid (30%) F E G
Hydrofluoric Acid (30%) G E G
Hydrogen Peroxide G E NR
Kerosene NR F F
Linseed Oil NR E G
Methyl Alcohol E E G
Methyl Ethyl Ketone F F NR
Methyl Formate F E F
Mineral Oils F F F
Naphtha F F F
Naphthalene F F F
Nitric Acid (20%) G G F
Nitrobenzene NR F NR
Oleic Acid F E F
Perchloroethylene NR F NR
Phoshoric Acid E E E
Pine Oil NR F F
Potassium Hydroxide (50%) E E E
Poultry G E NR
Sodium Hydroxide (50%) E E F
Sodium Hypochlorite E E E
Steric Acid G E G
Sulfuric Acid (Conc) NR G G
Sulfuric Acid (Dilute) E E E
Vegetable Oil G E F

KEY: E – Excellent; G – Good; F – Fair; NR – Not Recommended

Note: This chart provides general guidelines to the performance of these materials and does not imply a warranty of suitability or merchantability of TREDS Overboots for a particular purpose or application.