Puma Iconic Low Black Shoes

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Puma low black iconic shoes combine innovative technologies like the idCELL element integrated into the sole, the slip-resistant rubber outsole with a special herringbone pattern, and the cushion RELIEF footbed for outstanding comfort and safety. The outsole is engineered with oil-, heat-, and slip-resistant features. These Puma iconic shoes have a fiberglass reinforced composite toecap that gives more space to the toes and is thermally insulating. If you are looking for stylish footwear that prevents fatigue and friction while walking or long hours at work, Puma iconic sneakers are the best pick. 


  • 572oF heat-resistant rubber outsole with a slip-resistant herringbone pattern for optimum grip
  • Specially coordinated arch support that facilitates muscle stimulation while walking and natural positioning of the feet
  • Grooves on the underside of the insole so that the sole does not slip in the shoe
  • 100% leather that imparts top-notch aesthetics