Sorel Insulated Boots

Men's Large and Wide Sorel Boots

When it comes to Mens Large Sorel Boots for Men size 7-13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 XLfeet make them available. We know that the leader in waterproof insulated boots for extreme weather conditions is Sorel. It's only fitting that XLfeet, a company specializing in big mens sizes and wide widths, would offer such a high quality cold weather boot in large sizes for men like 14, 15 16, and even 17's. We also ackknowledge that ladies with large size feet need warmth and fashion in large sizes. This is why we offer the coveted Joan of Arctic boot for women in sizes 11 and 12. Whether it is the Caribou, the Bear, or the Glacier, we have Sorels for your 2 big feet. Seasonal items like Sorel typically sell out quickly, and are only available during certain times of year, so act quickly to take care of your feet before it's too late.