Belleville Boots

Big Men's Belleville Boots in Extra Wide to 4E

XLfeet has been covering our troops from the ground up with large Belleville Boots size 7-13, 14, 15, and 16 in regular, Narrow B and Extra Wide to EEEE - 4E with ease. For men who need durable and long lasting boots that work in the armed forces, or men who simply are on their big feet all day and want a boot that is flexible right out of the box, they count on XLfeet to make them available to fit up to size 17 and wide to EEEE. It is a little known secret that Belleville Boots run anywhere from a half size to a full size larger than what people are used to wearing. There are many guys who normally wear a 17 that find the size 16 in Belleville to provide the perfect fit. After all, if Belleville has been making boots for our soldiers since WWI, there is no better boot of it's kind.

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