Extra Wide Socks by Extra Wide Sock Co

Extra Wide Socks For the Ultimate in Comfort Made in US by Extra Wide Sock Co!

XLFeet.com offers a wide range of the much sought after extra wide socks for men manufactured by Extra Wide Sock Company. Choose from a variety of dress socks, athletic socks, and medical socks, all available in various color and size options and promising to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

Available in sizes 11 to 21, these extra wide socks come in Extra Wide to EEEEEE - 6E. Ideal for tall men with wide feet and people with swollen legs dealing with edema or circulatory problems, the socks from this family owned business are manufactured to endure extensive stretch without binding or compression and promote blood circulation.

Some of the Wide Mens Socks from Extra Wide Sock Co can stretch around a 20 inch fish bowl with no problem, and then go right back to their original shape. Much like XLfeet, this company was founded by a person with an intimate knowledge of the needs of men with wide feet who used to cut slits in their socks. Men who love these comfortable wide socks would argue they are the best thing since sliced bread.

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