Extra Wide White Athletic Crew Socks to EEEEEE

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    up to size 21 EEEEEE - 6E

    Crew Height
    Goes to Mid-Calf

    Loose Fit
    Easy On
    Loose Fit
    Made In USA Made In USA

These extra-wide white socks are favorites for those who prefer comfort with little to no compression. Athletic socks, made to accommodate wide feet, are non-binding socks that render a sense of relief to those who are tired of squeezing their wide feet in tight, uncomfortable socks. The wide athletic socks come in a mid-calf length. 

The Extra Wide Athletic Crew Socks are also popularly known as diabetic socks. These are wide enough to fit in swollen feet due to medical conditions such as edema, diabetes, or other circulatory problems. Made from 91% cotton, these socks are very breathable.