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    Avenger's In 4E Wide (7547, 7546, and 7645)

    If you've worn this boot in 4E and know with certainty that it fits your foot, we can offer free shipping by phone at our descretion. 

    If you order this boot in 6E we'll cover the round-trip shipping to exchange it for 4E if it turns out to be too wide.  

    For more than 4 years running, the 4E in certain Avenger styles has a return rate higher than 99%.  Most of our first time customers insist they are 4E wide, but after paying literally ten's of thousands of dollars to ship 4E's back in exchange for 6E for those customers, and fitting hundreds of men in person in our physical store, we've determined it wasn't sustainable to offer free shipping on these items.


    All Belleville Boots

    If you've worn this boot  before and know with certainty that it fits your foot, we can offer free shipping by phone at our descretion.

    Generally Belleville's run larger than what people are accustomed to wearing.  Many of the customers we've fit in our physical store end up going as many as 3 sizes smaller to get the right fit.  For this reason we've determined it isn't sustainable to ship as many as 5 or more shipments between the customer and our store since the cost of shipping far exceeds the proceeds from 1pr of Belleville's.  Please see the below guidance from Belleville on how their boots fit:


Belleville Sizing

All of Belleville Boots are available in Men’s Regular (R) and Wide (W) Widths, with some styles offering Narrow (N) and Extra Wide (XW) widths as well. Since sizes & widths vary among boot styles, please check individual boot styles for available sizes & widths.

Standard Width

Belleville Width


Narrow (N)


Regular (R)


Wide (W)


Extra Wide (XW)

Unfortunately, not all boot brands fit the same. For this reason, Belleville would like to offer a few sizing tips that will help you get a better BELLEVILLE fit:


         Belleville boots are about 1 to 1½ full sizes larger in fit than your normal shoe size when measuring on a standard Brannock shoe device.  The difference depends on the type of boot you choose: soft toe versus safety toe, hot weather versus insulated or waterproof, etc.


         Due to the wider shape of the toe box, Belleville has found that the MINI-MiL® tends to run on the small/short side.  For this reason, Belleville recommends customers order a half size up from your normal shoe size.  For instance, if you wear a size 10, then Belleville would recommend you order a 10.5 in the MINI-MiL®.


         Try on the boots with a pair of boot socks that you will normally wear with the boots.

      • PLACE & LACE:

         It is important that your foot is properly placed inside the boots when selecting a size. Proper foot placement requires that the lace is drawn snug at the bottom of the lacing system. This will prevent your foot from sliding forward too far and keep your heel properly placed against the back of the boot. To improve the fit of the boot, try loosening or tightening the laces at different parts of the boot until you get the perfect fit.


         Length-wise, when your heel is placed against the back of the boot, you should have a slight amount of room in the front of the boots to wiggle your toes.


         Width-wise, your boots should feel a little snug, but not tight.